Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Power of Friendship - Celebrating It Today!

"Friends remind us we are a part of something greater than ourselves, a larger world, and the right friends keep us on track." - Barbara Jenkins

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Learned In April...

1. Every day, no matter what is known, is different. 

No matter how much you plan, schedule, rearrange, work around, cancel that, add this…The moments still occur beyond anything you can really anticipate or prepare for…whether it's personal or professional. A good reminder that you really don't know what you don't know.

2.  I literally have the best brother in the entire world.

It makes me so happy to know that at any time from anywhere, I can connect with my brother. It's something I do not take for granted, not even for a second. Happy birthday month Theo!

3. Sometimes things, all at the same time, breakdown/do not work/bans together and doesn't like me.

Let's just say the beginning of April after a week of vacation at the end of March brought a lot of technology challenges. These devices that we so rely on just love to completely die…in threes…simultaneously. It's the last day of April and I'm still trying to catch my breath after two weeks of the not-one-piece-of-technology-is-working-for-me roller coaster ride. I threw my hands up, closed my eyes and just waited until the lap bar was released. I may have whisper-screamed a few times, "Weeeeeeeeee."

4. My best friend is truly the absolute best. 

The stars aligned and my "be-fri" came to town with her entire family. She could arrive with 23 lemurs and I'd welcome her with open arms because two minutes with Joy makes up for the thousands of non-Joy minutes I have the rest of the year.

5. I need a budget again

I mean for reals. I've worked budgets before and then you get comfortable. Like anything that truly matters, it is work so I'm back to working it. Be the boss and let money do its job. All of a sudden, "She Works Hard for the Money" is playing in mind. Maybe I'll change the words to "She's the Boss of Her Money." Ha!

Another month in the books. Here's to May! 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Made It - 2014!

So happy to see you. Let's be amazing together.

Happy New Year to you! Let's sparkle.

Monday, December 30, 2013

What I Learned In December

Wow! I absolutely loved this month. Maybe it was because I felt like I was finally getting into the swing of things this year OR maybe it was because I was just happy to not be as busy as I usually am. For the last several years, I've volunteered for the Angel Tree program at The Salvation Army in Orlando but this year, a lot has changed (primarily leadership) and with changes, comes a lot of new and not always the "old" help.

So moving forward, I learned a lot this month including how to break that down in a list of five...

1 - Just because it has always been doesn't mean it always has to be. 

What are you doing that you've always done that just isn't quite working for you and your family any longer. Are you happy when you think about it or does it bring up negative feelings? If it's the latter, then you may want to reconsider.

2. Breathing is good for everything

Thanks to a great new yoga studio that has opened near my house, I've been reminded of the value and the power of my breath which takes me back to where I need to be and fills my soul. So simple. So easy. But still, we forget.

3. Love. 

When you are in the midst of confrontation, enlightenment or what comes between all of that...Sometimes, love is literally all you need to respond to your family or to your friends.

4. Family doesn't always look like you think it should.

My brother and I have been attending church together and the week before Christmas we were reminded about the family of Jesus. The way they may have "looked" to people. Often we forget that family is not always what you think it should be and not who you would expect. Sometimes it's a friend that has come to your rescue time and time again or your little brother who has taught you more about persistence and learning the hard way than anyone else or a few wise men bringing gifts. Family is bigger than you can imagine.

5. My golf game reminded me that no matter how well you played previously, it means nothing in the next round.

Every day is a new day and every choice is a new possibility. When you think you know or have figured it out, life sends up yet another way to remember that it's a journey not a destination.

Here's to you, your family (the one that you didn't choose and the one you did), your health and your well-being. May you head into 2014 with an open heart and full breaths to take in all of the beauty that the light in your heart brings every day. 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Happy 7th Blogiversary to me!

Any excuse to post a pic of a delicious looking cake and to celebrate! Happy Blogiversary to Dragonfly Lorelie where my spirit has continued to grow through the good, the bad and everything else. So thankful for this space and for those of you who visit me here. Here's to another year of blogging, sharing and connecting with what matters most in life.

Friday, October 04, 2013

31 Days of Super Heroes :: Jenny

31 Days of Super Heroes - Day #4: My Jenny
Where do I even begin with this one? My Jenny and I met "by chance" during my first year of college. We were placed as roommates in a non-A/C top floor tiny room with more furniture than my living room has in it.We could not of been more opposite in our upbringing and the way we looked at life, specifically higher education. But once I had the chance to really see Jenny the way that others rarely see her, I knew we'd be lifelong friends.

My Jenny is fearless, ready for anything and super hero smart in the way she has taken her career around the world and back successfully on all fronts. She understands the importance of fun, adventure, spontaneity and living the kind of life most of us dream of post-retirement or when we win the lottery. She is far from 65 and truly created her own winning ticket that is just right for her. She hasn't looked back except to visit those she holds near and dear and I just happen to be privileged to be one of them.

My Jenny - You are a super hero! Thank you for your letting our friendship grow into something so unexpected. You inspire me and impact my day-to-day positively even from the other side of the world. Thank you for using your talents to explore, teach and share the possibility that adventure is only a trip to a job fair away. 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

31 Days of Super Heroes :: The Theo's

31 Days of Super Heroes - Day #3: The Theo's
Both my brother and his mini me are two of my favorite people in all the world. The way they pursue their passions and learn life daily on the basketball court and at school and work. They are two of the sweetest and funniest guys I know. Last Thanksgiving, they made the trek along with the baby girl and Mr. Wonderful to North Carolina for some Thanksgiving fun. It didn't snow (neither have ever seen snow) but it did end up being a beautiful time of weather, spending time with friends and safe travels. None of which I take for granted for a second.

Theo's - You are super heroes! Thank you for your sense of humors, love for laughter and for making long drives and family get together's so much fun. 

Maybe one day you'll know how much you both mean to me and how much I love watching you grow into men who have the ability to change the world. 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

31 Days of Super Heroes :: Joy

31 Days of Super Heroes - Day #2: Joy
My year started with a visit from my best friend Joy and her family. It was not the smoothest trip to Florida for the four of them but they were able to move forward and get back home.

Joy is pure light to me. She and her family taught me so much about love, about patience and about the importance of family dinner time. Sitting around a table with Joy and fam showed me that no matter the day or what is going on...taking time to be together while breaking bread is a good way to wash away and reset focus on what's really important.
Joy is in her final year of her graduate degree. I am proud of her beyond the years we've been friends. Our quality time has become phone calls during our drives to work and school. Even if they're only a few minutes, they end up being some of the most meaningful and always helpful conversations.

Joy - You are a super hero! Thank you for embracing your passion to bring joy to others and for being an amazing best friend. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

31 Days of Super Heroes :: Catherine

31 Days of Super Heroes - Day #1: Catherine
Recently, I took my very neglected hair to visit one of my favorite places - Salon Ciseasux. Had a couple of inches trimmed off my hair and a little color too. This Super Hero above disguised as a Salon Owner, Master Stylist and Color Specialist has been doing my hair now for 13 years or so and hair in general for nearly 30 years.

We joke about the "BC" (Before Cathy) styles on me, specifically the bangs/fringe that was a part of my signature style in the 90's, early 2000's. Because I'm awesome and not always super smart, I would cut them on my own.

Cathy has made it happen for my hair and for me so many times and many special occasions like holiday parties, photo sessions, the day of my wedding, pregnancy, etc. She is one of the hardest working women I know and she is all about keeping up on trends and being ready to help people look beautiful with a new haircut or color. And that's just her day job. In real life, she's a mom of two, wife of Theo, fitness junkie, loves chocolate, enjoys raw food and a total fashionista.

Catherine - You are a super hero! Thank you for using your powers for good and beauty. 

This kicks off my first every 31 Days journey. I hope 31 Days of Super Heroes will inspire you to express your gratitude to the heroes in your world who bring light and love to your every day.